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A place for everyone related to the concussion/brain injury community!

About Concussion Connect

A place for everyone related to the concussion/brain injury community!

We understand the need for a safe place to go separate from your regular social world, less overwhelming and more personal. Join Concussion Connect to have a place to share and get support along your survivor journey!

Though a place for survivors, we also welcome all loved ones and professionals who are out to learn more about this invisible injury.

"One thing I love about Concussion Connect is that it's a 100% safe place" - Connect Member



I wanted to create a place that I needed when suffering from post concussion syndrome! I often felt so alone and I continued to struggle. 

Being aware of and talking to others who could understand what I was going through would of made a world of a difference!

The Price = FREE

We understand that financial troubles often occur after a concussion, so we wanted things to be accessible to all!

Your Host

Bella is a brain injury advocate. After sustaining over ten concussions and experiencing post-concussion syndrome for over ten years, she realized that she could help others. 

Bella's multiple concussions completely rerouted her life from being a competitive athlete. Having to retire early and focus on her health was a long journey involving both going to high school and college while ill. Bella's mental health deteriorated due to the drastic changes in her life and physical limitations. After years of chronic headaches and much more, Bella began to improve. Three years ago, Bella hit a low spot and attempted to take her own life. After going to therapy, Bella knew she needed to do something for all those suffering from this invisible injury.

She started Concussion Connect because she believed something was missing in the world of brain injuries! Unlike most, she wants to aid not only individuals who have suffered from concussions but also their families and friends.


Stumbling upon Bella’s Post-Concussion Podcast was my first realization that there was hope, I certainly was not alone, and I needed to reset my expectations to the reality that this could be a long and winding road to full recovery – AND that it truly was possible to recover! Given the unique opportunity to share my story on her podcast was healing in its own way. Bella’s Concussion Connect was a great platform for me to join, share successes and challenges, and learn about the little things that could help ease my recovery (eye masks, glasses, ear plugs, etc.) by making post-concussion life just a little more tolerable. I cannot thank Bella enough for sharing what she has learned over her journey and ultimately helping me stay the course on mine. It is important that we all continue to share our lessons with others, so the recovery process becomes easier for those injured in the future and that the mental health struggles resulting from concussions are recognized and treated early on. Mental health is a direct result of our brain health! Together we can all make this process better for others and Bella has taken action and to lead that effort with her programs! Thank you, Bella, for your honest candor to help others, like me, through our healing journey.

 - Pam Treischel - 

What Members Have To Say

"I love the support in the group and that the friends here actually understand each other's difficulties" 

"I appreciate the fact that it's a place I can go to where I don't wonder if people think I'm faking it"

"I love all the tips and 'hacks' I've learned along the way to better manage symptoms"

"The sense of community, and finally talking and listening to others and feeling relieved that I am not alone in what is going on with me"